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My Mom's Guide To Using iPhoto 2

Based on the notes and instructions I put together to help my Mom learn how to use her new iMac. It doesn't attempt to teach you everything there is to know about using iPhoto. Instead it focuses on short and simple explanations of how to the the features you'll need everyday.

Available in three formats:

Webpages: Shareware $5 (read it now!)
5.5 x 8.5 bound booklet: $9 (more info...)

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What this Guide is for.

This guide is intended to help you to learn and remember the steps to doing the most common of things in Apple's photo management program, iPhoto 2.

It is not intended to teach you everything there is to know about iPhoto. There are many good books, and online references, to do that. This Guide was written in such a way that it can be used as a Tutorial on learning features you've never tried, or a Quick Reference to refresh your memory about those you haven't used in awhile.

Is it FREE?

This is a SHAREWARE booklet. You are welcome to use it and tell your friends about it. But if you like it, and find it useful, I ask that you compensate me by either ordering a printed version of the guide ($9), or simply sending me a donation ($5 suggested). Click here for more details.

These payments will not only help me pay the rent, but they will also tell me that Guides like this are useful to you, and I will create similar resources for other Macintosh applications.

Your feedback is important.

I think that this Guide is complete and accurate, and will be genuinely helpful in using iPhoto 2. But I plan to keep adding more sections (for example: Backup strategies, Burning CDs, and, Ordering hi-quality prints over the Web). I will also be fine-tuning the text and adding some illustrations to make the instructions clearer.

YOU can help with this by sending me your feedback on the material in the Guide. Send email to userguides@da4.com. Comments on sections that are not clear (or outright incorrect) and other useful tips are welcome, and will be incorprated into the online Guide.

So anyway, take lots of pictures, and enjoy.

Jack Hodgson, March 2003

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