Paying for the iPhoto Step-by-Step Guide

If you liked the iPhoto Step-by-Step Guide there's at least two things you can do:

Buy a copy, or send a donation.

Buy a copy of the iPhoto 2 Guide

You will receive a 5.5 by 8.5 inch booklet version of the Guide.

The booklet version is a word-for-word copy of the web version of the Guide. The printed version is especially useful for instant side-by-side use while working with iPhoto, and for adding your own personal annotations.

Price: $9 (includes shipping and handling)

Make a donation.

If you don't need a printed copy of the Guide you can make a donation to the author. This donation will help pay for the time he invested in creating the Guide and also motivate him to create future booklets on other subjects.

Suggested Donation $5

To make a donation via PayPal send the amount to userguides@da4.com

To make a donation by cash or check, send it by US Mail to:

Jack Hodgson Userguides
PO Box 511
Portsmouth, NH 03802

Please include your name and address with Donations so I can send you a thank you (and let you know about future versions).

To order a printed copy:

Send cash or check to:

Jack Hodgson Userguides
PO Box 511
Portsmouth, NH 03802

Include a note with the words iPhoto Guide and your name and mailing address. The latest copy of the Guide will be sent to you by First Class US Mail.